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Information classification

Information classification


Hydrochromic Ink

Release time:2020-09-28 12:00:03

With white color in appearance, will turn transparent when it is soaked, then recover white color without water.


Basic information:

Appearance color: white

Change color: transparent

Storage: It should be sealed in a shady place.

Ink Type: water-based



Hydro chromic ink loses its opacity when it comes into contact with water. You can use this product to hide hidden messages, image and colors. Once the hydro chromic ink is applied to your chosen application it will appear to be white in color. When water is applied to the finished article, the hydro chromic ink will became translucent. This will reveal your hidden layer. This ink reverses back to its original state again and again. This product can be used in conjunction with thousands of applications.


Application: Kids toy printing, water drawing pad, arts and crafts, soaking detection of the battery of cell phone, application, security label, kid’s toy, kid’s urinary paper pants, etc.




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