Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ladies, 2.35ct 14kt White Sapphire Pendant



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Awesome round sapphireclarity round sapphireand round sapphirecolor. round sapphireThis round sapphirewhite round sapphiresapphire round sapphirehales round sapphirefrom round sapphireSriLanka. round sapphireNormal round sapphireheating round sapphireonly.Set round sapphirein round sapphire14kt round sapphirewhite round sapphiregold, round sapphirethis round sapphire8mm= round sapphire2.35ct, round sapphireround round sapphireis round sapphireso round sapphirediamond round sapphirelike. round sapphireIn round sapphirefact, round sapphireit round sapphirelooks round sapphirebetter!Can round sapphirebe round sapphireset round sapphirein round sapphire14kt round sapphireyellow round sapphiregold round sapphirealso. round sapphireColor round sapphireof round sapphireD round sapphireand round sapphireClarity round sapphireof round sapphireVVS-IF..For round sapphirehardness, round sapphirethe round sapphireonly round sapphirething round sapphirethat round sapphirebeats round sapphireit round sapphireis round sapphirea round sapphirediamond.On round sapphirea round sapphiremohn round sapphirescale round sapphireDiamonds round sapphirearea round sapphirea round sapphire10 round sapphireand round sapphireSapphires round sapphireare round sapphirea round sapphire9.Layaway round sapphireavailable. round sapphireJust round sapphirea round sapphirelittle round sapphiredown round sapphirewill round sapphirereserve round sapphirethis round sapphiresapphire round sapphirependant round sapphireand round sapphirethen round sapphireyou round sapphiremake round sapphirethe round sapphireterms.Let round sapphireme round sapphireknow round sapphireyour round sapphirelocation, round sapphireI round sapphirecan round sapphireship round sapphiremost round sapphireanywhere. round sapphireI round sapphirecan round sapphireadd round sapphirethe round sapphirelocation round sapphireto round sapphiremy round sapphiread.

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