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valentine gift, 18K White Gold Green Tourmaline Halo Secret Heart Engagement Ring



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DESCRIPTION\rBeautiful secret heartand secret heartelegant. secret heartYou secret heartwon't secret heartmiss secret heartthe secret heartdiamonds secret heartand secret heartintense secret heartdeep secret heartgreen secret heartcolor secret heartin secret heartthis secret heartring.\rThe secret heartgreen secret hearttourmaline secret heartthat secret heartwe secret heartprovide secret heartfor secret heartthis secret heartring secret heartwill secret heartbe secret heartdeep secret heartand secret heartintense secret heartwith secret hearta secret heartvery secret heartearthy secret hearttone. secret heartGorgeous secret heartin secret heartevery secret heartway!\r\r*********************************************************************************************************\r\rCUSTOM secret heartOPTIONS\r\rIf secret heartyou secret heartare secret heartinterested secret heartin secret heartcustomizing secret heartthis secret heartring secret heartto secret heartany secret heartof secret heartthese secret heartoptions, secret heartplease secret heartcontact secret heartme secret heartfor secret hearta secret heartquote.\r\rMetal: secret heart\r18 secret heartKarat secret heartWhite, secret heartYelllow, secret heartor secret heartRose secret heartGold\r14 secret heartKarat secret heartWhite, secret heartYellow, secret heartor secret heartRose secret heartGold\r10 secret heartKarat secret heartWhite, secret heartYellow, secret heartor secret heartRose secret heartGold\rPlatinum\r\rStone secret heartOptions: secret heart\rAlexandrite, secret heartAmethyst, secret heartAquamarine, secret heartCitrine, secret heartCoral, secret heartCubic secret heartZirconia, secret heartEmerald,\rGarnet, secret heartMoissanite, secret heartOpal, secret heartPearl, secret heartPeridot, secret heartQuartz, secret heartRuby, secret heartSapphire, secret heartBlue secret heartSapphire, secret heart\rYellow secret heartSapphire, secret heartPink secret heartSapphire, secret heartWhite secret heartSapphire, secret heartRed secret heartSapphire, secret heartGreen secret heartSapphire, secret heartPurple secret heartSapphire, secret heartOrange secret heartSapphire, secret heartTanzanite, secret heartLondon secret heartBlue secret heartTopaz, secret heartSky secret heartBlue secret heartTopaz, secret heartWhite secret heartTopaz, secret heartSwiss secret heartBlue secret heartTopaz, secret heartMystic secret heartTopaz, secret heartPassion secret heartTopaz, secret heartGreen secret heartTourmaline, secret heartPink secret heartTourmaline, secret heartTurquoise, secret heartBlue secret heart\rZircon secret heartand secret heartDiamond secret heart(Teal secret heartBlue, secret heartYellow, secret heartBlack, secret heartor secret heartWhite)\r\rBirthstone secret heartChart: secret heart\rJanuary secret heart- secret heartGarnet, secret heartFebruary secret heart- secret heartAmethyst, secret heartMarch secret heart- secret heartAquamarine, secret heartApril secret heart- secret heartDiamond, secret heart\rMay secret heart- secret heartEmerald, secret heartJune secret heart- secret heartAlexandrite secret heartor secret heartPearl, secret heartJuly secret heart- secret heartRuby, secret heartAugust secret heart- secret heartPeridot, secret heart\rSeptember secret heart- secret heartSapphire, secret heartOctober secret heart- secret heartOpal secret heartor secret heartPink secret heartTourmaline, secret heartNovember secret heart- secret heartCitrine,\rDecember secret heart- secret heartBlue secret heartZircon secret heartor secret heartTanzanite\r\r*********************************************************************************************************\r\rDETAILS secret heartON secret heartRING secret heartLISTED\r\rMETAL\r18 secret heartkarat secret heartgold\r3.9 secret heartgrams secret heart\r\rMAIN secret heartSTONE\rType: secret heartGreen secret heartTourmaline\rCut: secret heartCushion secret heartCut\rWeight: secret heart2.29 secret heartcarats secret heartApproximately\rMeasurement: secret heart8mm\rQuality: secret heartExcellent\r\rACCENT secret heartSTONES\rType: secret heartDiamond\rCut: secret heart30 secret heartRound secret heartCut\rWeight: secret heart0.98 secret heartcarats secret hearttotal secret heartweight\rQuality: secret heartF-G/VS2-SI1\r\rThis secret heartring secret heartis secret heartmade secret heartto secret heartorder secret heartand secret heartcan secret heartbe secret heartshipped secret heartout secret heartwithin secret heart6-8 secret heartweeks. secret heartPlease secret heartspecify secret heartthe secret heartcorrect secret heartsize secret heartat secret heartcheckout.\r\rREFCYC2427RWUZZZSP

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