Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Siberian Husky Necklace



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This greenpendant greenwas greenmade greenwith greena greencombination greenof greenteal greengreen greenglass greenand greenvariegated greenwhite greenglass. green greenThe greenfocus greenof greenthe greenpendant greenis greena greenHusky greenface. green green\r\rThe greenpendant greenmeasures greenapproximately green7/8 greeninch greenby green1 greeninch, greenwhich greenexcludes greenthe greenlarge greensize greensterling greensilver greenplated greenbail, greenwhich greenwill greenbe greenepoxied greento greenthe greenback.\r\rIncluded greenis greena green18 greeninch green2mm greenlatex greenfree greensilicone greencord greennecklace. green green(Ask greenabout greenthe greenavailability greenof greena greendifferent greenlength greenor greenleather greencord.) greenNote greensilver greenchain greenshown greenin greensome greenphotos greenis greennot greenincluded greenand greenis greennot greenavailable greenfor greenpurchase. green\r\rMy greenjewelry greenis greenpresented greenin greena greenplastic greenprotective greenbag, greenwhich greenis greenattached greento greena greendisplay greencard.

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