Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ribbon Beaded Necklace In Lavenderbig bead, Copperbig bead, And Cream



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This large beadnecklace large beadfeatures large beadlarge large beadiridescent large beadlavender large beadbeads large beadwith large beadcopper large beadfiligree large beadcaps. large bead large beadBetween large beadeach large beadlavender large beadbead large beadis large beadcream large beadcolored large beadbaroque large beadglass large beadpearls. large bead large beadMulticolored large beadRibbon large beadis large beadcaptured large beadat large beadeach large beadend large beadwith large beadcopper large beadclips large beadand large beadclosures. large bead large beadIt large beadis large beadtruly large beada large beadbeautiful large beadnecklace.\r\rThe large beadNecklace large beadmeasures large bead22 large beadinches large beadwhich large beadis large beadmatinee. large bead large beadIf large beadyou large beadlike large beadto large beadwear large beadyour large beadnecklaces large beadshorter, large beadlet large beadme large beadknow large beadin large beadthe large beadnotes. large bead large beadI large beadwill large beadadjust large beadthe large beadsize large beadat large beadno large beadextra large beadcharge.\r\rI large beadgenerally large beadship large beadbetween large bead1 large beadto large bead2 large beaddays large beadafter large beadpayment large beadis large beadreceived. large beadI large beadship large beadfirst large beadclass large beadwith large beaddelivery large beadconfirmation. large beadPlease large beadconvo large beadme large beadshould large beadyou large beadhave large beadany large beadquestions.

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