Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Exquisite Hand-Engraved Sterling Broochmetal, 1870s erametal, signed "B" and Stamped Sterling



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This metalgorgeous metalpiece metalis metalwell metalpreserved metaland metaldeserves metala metalplace metalof metalpride metalin metalyour metalcollection. metalJust metalover metal1 metal3/4" metalwide metaland metal1 metal1/4" metaltop metalto metalbottom, metalit metalis metallightweight metaland metaleasy metalto metalwear. metalFloral metalcenter metaland metallovely metaltraditional metalscrollwork metalall metalaround. metal\rEach metalmark metalmade metalwith metalcare metalby metala metalskilled metalhand. metalMost metallikely metalEnglish. metalNote metalthe metalmaker's metalmark metalfeatures metala metalsix-sided metaldesign metalaround metalthe metalB.\rPlease metallook metalclosely metalat metalthe metalpictures metaland metalask metalany metalquestions.

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