Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, 14kt White Sapphire Pendant 1ct.



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This 6mmbeautiful 6mmnormal 6mmheat 6mmonly 6mmSapphires 6mmis 6mma 6mmlook-alike 6mmto 6mma 6mmdiamond...except 6mmclearer 6mmand 6mmshiner 6mmand 6mmyou 6mmdon't 6mmhave 6mmto 6mmpay 6mma 6mmfortune 6mmto 6mmhave 6mmone.Measuring 6mm6mm 6mmand 6mmweighting 6mm1.00ct, 6mmthis 6mmis 6mmthe 6mmperfect 6mmsubstitute 6mmfor 6mma 6mmdiamond.Origin: 6mmSri 6mmLankaColor 6mmDClarity 6mmVVS/IF.The 6mmMohn 6mmScale(or 6mmhardness) 6mmof 6mmdiamonds 6mmare 6mma 6mm10, 6mmthe 6mmhardness 6mmof 6mma 6mmSapphire 6mmis 6mma 6mm9.So, 6mmhere 6mmit 6mmlast. 6mmAnd 6mmcan 6mmbe 6mmset 6mmin 6mm 6mm 6mm14k 6mmor 6mm18k 6mmyellow 6mmor 6mmwhite 6mmgold 6mmat 6mmthe 6mm.I 6mmcan 6mmship 6mmmost 6mmanywhere, 6mmjust 6mmlet 6mmme 6mmknow 6mmand 6mmI 6mmwill 6mmadd 6mmto 6mmlisting.Shipping 6mmmay 6mmbe 6mma 6mmlittle 6mmmore.Layaway 6mmavailable. 6mmJust 6mma 6mmlittle 6mmdown, 6mmwill 6mmget 6mmyou 6mmstarted 6mmon 6mmyour 6mmlayaway. 6mmNo 6mmfees, 6mmno 6mmdeadlines 6mmand 6mmyour 6mmterms.

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