Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Thai Silver Beaded Bracelet with Tiger Eyeantiqued, Stamped Floral Solid Beads. Hook Clasp.



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This brownis browna brownpretty brownbracelet brownstrung brownon brownbeading brownwire brownwith browna brownsimple brownhook brownclasp. brownA brownnice brownfaceted browntiger browneye brownbead brownin brownthe browncenter brownadds browna browntouch brownof brownneutral browncolor, brownand brownshine. brown\rThe brownbeads brownare brownsolid brownthai brownsilver, brownwhich brownis brownnickel brownfree brownand brownmore brownpure brownthan brownsterling(which brownis brownonly brown92.5% brownpure).\rEach brownbead brownis brownstamped brownwith brownan brownabstract brownfloral brownpattern. brown\r7.5" brownlong, brownstandard brownbracelet brownlength.

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