Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

set, Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set in Glazed Porcelain and Swarovski Crystals



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Sara demiJewelry demiDesign. demiElongated, demimulticolor demiglazed demiporcelain demibeads demiin demian demiIncan demidesign demiare demicomplimented demiby demiSwarovski demibicone demicrystals demiin demia demimidnight demiblue demiand demiwith demi2.5mm demisterling demisilver demirounds, demi3mm demisilver demiplated demicorrugated demirounds, demiand demisterling demisilver demidotted demistar demirondelles demiin demithis demibreathtaking demithree-station deminecklace demiand demimatching demiearrings. demiThe demidesign demicenter demiof demithe deminecklace demispans demifive demiinches demiand demifeatures demithree demiof demithe demiIncan demibeaded demidrops, demione demiat demicenter demipoint demiand demione demito demieither demiside demiof demithat. demiEach demidrop demicontains, demifrom demibottom demito demitop: demi2.5mm demisterling demisilver demiround, demi4mm demiSwarovski demicrystal demibicone demibead, demi3mm demisilver demiplated demicorrugated demiround, demithe demimain demiporcelain demibead demiwith demiits demiintricate demidesign demiof demiblues, demiblacks, demigreens, demireds demiand demiwhite; demithen demitopped demiby demia demisecond demi3mm demisilver demiplated demicorrugated demiround, demia demiSwarovski demibicone demibead demiand demia demifinal demi2.5mm demisterling demisilver demiround, demiall demion demia demicoil-wrapped demiheadpin. demiSilver demifilled demisteel demicurb demichain demimakes demiup demithe deminecklace demiinto demia demifull demi18 demiinches demithat demifinishes demiin demia demisilver demiplated demispring demiring demiclasp. demiThe demicenter demidrop demiadds demianother demitwo demiand demithree-eighths demiinches.The demimatching demiearrings demiare demisingle demidrops demiin demithe demisame demipattern demias demithe demithree demifrom demithe deminecklace. demiThey, demitoo, demiare demion demicoil-wrapped demiheadpins demiand demidepend demifrom demisimple demisilver demiplated demileverback demiearring demifindings demiwith demia demiplain demishaft. demiThe demidangle demilength demion demiall demifive demiIncan demiteardrops demiis demiapproximately demitwo demiand demithree-eighths demiof demian demiinch demi(or demi60mm).Listing demiis demifor demione demiset. demiTwo demisets demiare demiavailable.NWOTHSP033113-01.2191 demiandNWOTHSP033113-02.2192I demiwill demisend demithis demiyour demiway demithe deminext demibusiness demiday demivia demiUSPS demiinsured demifirst demiclass demimail demiwith demia demitracking demiID deminumber. demiIF demiYOU demiNEED demiEXPRESS demiMAIL demiDELIVERY, demiplease demicontact demime demifirst demifor demia demishipping demiquote.Sara demiJewelry demiDesign. demiYour demiDesire demiis demiOur demiDesign.

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