Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

reds, Cool Abstract Red Crystal Bead Necklace in Sterling Silver on Box Chain.



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Handmade smallwith smallcharacter, smallthis smalllittle smallframe smallpendant smallfeatures smalltwo smallcut smallcrystal smallbeads smallin smalla smallswirling smallred smallcolor. smallIt's smalla smalldeep, smallrich smallruby smallred smallwith smallswirls smallof smallopaque smalland smalltranslucent smallcolor. small\rThe smallpendant smallis smallabout small3/4" smallwide smalland small1" smalltop smallto smallbottom smallincluding smallthe smallbail. small\rItalian smallSterling smallSIlver smallbox smallchain smallis small18" smalllong.\rSturdy smalland smallfun smallto smallwear. smallOxidized smallwith smallage. smallCould smallbe smallpolished smallif smallyou smallprefer.\rThe smallcrystals smallare smallhand-faceted smalland smallslightly smallirregular. smallThe smallpendant smallswivels.

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