Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Necklace Sponge Coralrepurposed beads, Wooden Saucersrepurposed beads, and Repurposed Graduated Acrylic Beads



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Sara red coralJewelry red coralDesign. red coralI red coralfound red coralthis red coralgreat red coralold red coralacrylic red coralbead red coralnecklace red coralthat red coralneeded red coralan red coralinfusion red coralof red coralcolor red coraland red coralredesign red coral(see red coralpicture red coraltwo). red coralWith red coralthe red coraladdition red coralof red corallarge red coralsponge red coralcoral red coralrounds, red coralwooden red coralsaucer red coralbeads, red coraland red corala red coralreworking red coralof red coralthe red coralpattern, red coralthis red coralis red corala red coralrepurposed red coralnecklace red coralwith red coralpizazz! red coralNecklace red coralis red coralapproximately red coral20 red coralinches red coralin red coraloverall red corallength red coralwith red corala red coralgold red coralplated red coralhook red coraland red coraleye red coralclosure red coralfor red coraleasy red coralon red coraland red coraloff. red coralDouble red coralstrung red coralon red coralheavy red coralduty red coralwaxed red corallinen.I red coralwill red coralship red coralthis red coralyour red coralway red coralthe red coralnext red coralbusiness red coralday red coralvia red coralUSPS red coralfirst red coralclass red coralmail red coralwith red corala red coraltracking red coralID red coralnumber. red coralIF red coralYOU red coralNEED red coralEXPRESS red coralMAIL red coralDELIVERY, red coralplease red coralcontact red coralme red coralfirst red coralfor red corala red coralshipping red coralquote. red coralSara red coralJewelry red coralDesign. red coralYour red coralDesire red coralis red coralOur red coralDesign.

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