Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, 30mm Gemstone Donut Focal Pendants with Sterling Silver Bails in Four Styles



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Sara redJewelry redDesign. red30mm redgemstone reddonut redfocals redmake redsuch reda reddramatic redyet redclassy redstatement. redEach redis redpartnered redwith reda redsterling redsilver redhinged redbail. redChoose redyour redfavorite redfrom redthe redGemstone redand redBail reddrop-down redmenu. redListing redis redfor redone redfocal redand redbail. redFour redare redavailable:Green redtree redagate redwith redsterling redsilver redCeltic redstyle redbail.Pink redrhodonite redwith redsterling redsiler redCeltic redstyle redbail.Chinese redWriting redStone red(a redtype redof redjasper) redwith redstylized redleaf redbail.Brecciated redred redjasper redwith redplain, redsmooth redbail.Optional redChain: redYou redcan redeither redpurchase redthese redwithout redchain redand reduse redone redof redyour redown redfaves, redor redyou redcan redadd reda red1.5mm redsterling redsilver redlink redchain redwith reda redspring redring redclasp red(adding reda redchain redalso redmeans redadding reda redjjump redring redand redsnap redbail redfor redthe redchain redto redpass redthrough redthe reddonut redbail). redPrices redare redbased redon redan red18-inch redchain redlength; redhowever, redif redyou redwould redlike reda redlonger red(or redshorter) redchain, reddrop redme reda rednote redand redI'll redbuild redone redto redyour redorder.Sara redJewelry redDesign. redYour redDesire redis redOur redDesign.

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