Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Large Lentil Lampwork Bracelet with Ornate Bead Caps



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This uniquebracelet uniqueis uniqueweighty uniqueand uniqueconsists uniqueof unique5 uniquelarge uniquelampwork uniquelentil uniquebeads uniquewith uniqueall uniquecolors uniquein uniquethem. unique uniqueAll uniquecapped uniquewith uniqueornate uniquesterling uniquesilver uniquebead uniquecaps uniqueand uniqueseparated uniquewith uniquedifferent uniquecolored uniquefaceted uniqueczech uniquebeads. unique uniqueIt's uniquefinished uniquewith uniquea uniquevery uniqueunique uniqueand uniqueornate uniquesterling uniquesilver uniquetoggle uniqueand uniquemeasures uniquejust uniqueshy uniqueof unique8".\rIt uniquewill uniquearrive uniquein uniquea uniquegift uniquebag.

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