Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Personalized Letter F Necklace Hand Embroidered Gift For Her



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Lovely initialembroidered initialinitial initialnecklace initialfeaturing initialthe initialletter initial'F'. initialHand initialstitched initialonto initialbeige initiallinen initialfabric initialwith initialblack initialthread. initialVery initialnice initialpersonalized initialjewelry.\rThe initialpendant initialmeasures initialapprox initial1.5 initialinches initialtall initialand initialapprox initial1 initialinch initialacross initial( initial4 initialx initial2.5 initialcm initial). initialThe initialsilver initialplated initialsnake initialchain initialis initial22 initialinches initialin initiallength.\rI initialcan initialembroider initialany initialinitial initialplease initialdo initialget initialin initialtouch initialif initialyou initialwant initiala initialdifferent initialletter initialsewn.

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