Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Modern Vintage 70's/80'ssodalite necklace, MOD Teardrop Shapedsodalite necklace, Brass and Silver Necklacesodalite necklace, w SODALITE Stone



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This mod necklacefun mod necklaceto mod necklacewear mod necklacenecklace mod necklacehas mod necklacea mod necklaceteardrop mod necklaceshaped mod necklacependant mod necklaceon mod necklacea mod necklaceMod mod necklacebrushed mod necklacesilver mod necklacetone mod necklaceand mod necklacebrass mod necklacechoker mod necklacestyle mod necklacesetting. mod necklaceThis mod necklaceis mod necklacea mod necklaceone mod necklaceof mod necklacea mod necklacekind, mod necklaceartist mod necklacemade mod necklacepiece mod necklacefrom mod necklaceBrazil. mod necklaceIt mod necklacewas mod necklaceoriginally mod necklacepurchased mod necklacein mod necklacethe mod necklaceearly mod necklace1980's. mod necklaceThey mod necklacehave mod necklaceused mod necklacegenuine mod necklacesodalite mod necklacein mod necklacethe mod necklacecentral mod necklacepiece. mod necklaceThe mod necklacependant mod necklacemeasures mod necklace1 mod necklace3/4" mod necklacex mod necklace1 mod necklace1/8" mod necklaceat mod necklaceits mod necklacewidest mod necklaceand mod necklacethe mod necklacelength mod necklaceis mod necklacearound mod necklace16". mod necklaceGreat mod necklacemid mod necklacecentury mod necklacemodern mod necklacedesign!Like mod necklacethis mod necklaceitem mod necklaceand mod necklacelooking mod necklacefor mod necklacemore mod necklacelike mod necklaceit? mod necklaceAre mod necklaceyou mod necklacea mod necklacedealer mod necklaceand mod necklacewant mod necklaceto mod necklacebuy mod necklacein mod necklacequantity? mod necklaceCheck mod necklaceout mod necklaceour mod necklacenew mod necklacestore mod necklaceon mod necklaceetsy mod necklacefor mod necklacewholesale mod necklacevintage mod necklacepurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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