Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

team, One of a kind hammered solid 16 inch argentium sterling silver link chain



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Each chokerlink chokerhas chokerbeen chokerindividually chokerformed, chokersoldered chokerand chokerhammered chokerfrom chokernon-tarnish chokerargentium chokersterling chokersilver. choker chokerThe chokerpiece chokeris chokerburnished chokerto chokera chokerhigh chokerpolish chokersheen.Return chokerto chokermy chokershop chokerat chokerhttps://www./shop/kskilesjewelry. choker chokerI chokerwill chokersell chokeritems chokerfrom chokermy chokershop chokerwhole chokerto chokerverified chokerbrick-and-mortar chokerbusinesses chokerin chokerNorth chokerAmerica. choker chokerPlease chokercontact chokerme chokerthrough chokerEtsy chokerfor chokermore chokerdetails.

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