Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pastel, Pale pink Lucite flower charm with freshwater pearl center on 14k gold fill



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GUARANTEED natureHANDMADE: natureAll naturemy naturejewelry natureis naturedesigned natureand naturecreated natureby naturemy naturehands.This naturesweet naturelittle naturepink natureflower naturecharm natureis natureperfect naturefor naturespring! natureIt's naturea naturewonderful natureaddition natureto natureany naturecharm naturebracelet, natureor naturewhen natureattached natureto naturea naturejump naturering, naturewould naturebe naturegreat natureon naturea naturenecklace naturewith naturea naturebird naturecharm natureand naturea naturenest naturefull natureof natureeggs!Pearls natureattune naturethe naturewearer natureto natureebb natureand natureflow natureof naturelife. natureThey natureare naturecalming natureand naturecentering. natureThey naturegive naturepurity natureand naturepromote naturefaith, naturecharity, natureand natureintegrity, naturetruth natureand natureloyalty. natureThey natureespecially natureenhance naturepersonal natureintegrity. natureThey naturehelp natureone natureconnect naturewith natureher naturefeminine natureenergy natureand naturebring naturelove natureenergy.Please natureconvo natureme naturewith natureany naturequestions!

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