Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand made, ezi zino Jewelry Designer the great gatsby Belt buckle Sterling Silver 925



In stock



ezi jewelryzino jewelryJewelry jewelryDesigner jewelrythe jewelrygreat jewelrygatsby jewelryBelt jewelrybuckle jewelrySterling jewelrySilver jewelry925\r\rBY jewelryEZI jewelryZINO\r\rJewelry jewelryArt\r\r\rMetal jewelry: jewelrySolid jewelrySterling jewelrySilver jewelry925 jewelry\r\rWeight jewelry: jewelry53.9\r\r\rSigned jewelryby jewelryEZI jewelryZINO\r\r\r\rwe jewelryship jewelryall jewelry jewelryitems jewelryworldwide jewelryfrom jewelryisrael jewelry\r\rwe jewelryship jewelryall jewelry jewelryitems jewelryby jewelryregistered jewelryairmail jewelry+ jewelryInsurance jewelry\r\rShipping jewelryto jewelryU.S.A jewelryand jewelryEurope jewelryusually jewelrytake jewelrybetween jewelry7-21 jewelrydays.\r\rthe jewelrypayment jewelryby jewelrypaypal jewelryonly\r\rShipping jewelrycost jewelryto jewelryall jewelrybuyers jewelry15$

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