Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

New-Vintage Pink Bead Collage Necklace- German Glasscoral, Milk Glasscoral, and More with Modern Sterling Silver Clasp



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This varietyis varietya varietypiece varietylovingly varietyhandmade varietywith varietysalvaged varietyremains varietyof varietymore varietythan varietyone varietydamaged varietyvintage varietynecklace. varietyBlown varietyglass varietyswirled varietybeads varietymix varietywith varietypressed varietyGerman varietyglass, varietycrackle varietyglass, varietyand varietymolded varietybeads, varietyall varietydating varietyfrom varietythe variety1950s varietyand variety1960s. varietyI varietystrung varietythem varietyon varietysturdy varietynylon-coated varietycable varietyand varietyfinished varietythe varietypiece varietywith varietya varietysterling varietysilver varietylobster varietyclasp varietyas varietyshown. varietyThere varietyare varietyno varietyrough varietyedges. variety20" varietylength.The varietylarge varietypink varietyand varietyclear varietybeads varietyare varietyflat varietyon varietyone varietyside.

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