Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1920s glass bead flapper necklace1920s flapper, chartreuse yellow long strand 20's



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1920s lampwork beadsvintage lampwork beadsbead lampwork beadsstrand lampwork beadsnecklace. lampwork beadsDelicate lampwork beadswire lampwork beadsshows lampwork beadslight lampwork beadspatina. lampwork beadsOne lampwork beadsbead lampwork beadsis lampwork beadssplit lampwork beadsin lampwork beads2 lampwork beadsbut lampwork beadsstill lampwork beadsall lampwork beadspresent, lampwork beadsanother lampwork beadsbead lampwork beadshas lampwork beadsa lampwork beadslittle lampwork beadschunk lampwork beadsmissing, lampwork beadsalmost lampwork beadslike lampwork beadsa lampwork beadsbubble lampwork beadsunder lampwork beadsthe lampwork beadssurface lampwork beadsmade lampwork beadsit lampwork beadsvulnerable. lampwork beadsThe lampwork beadscolor lampwork beadsis lampwork beadsa lampwork beadsbright lampwork beadschartreuse lampwork beadsyellow lampwork beadswith lampwork beadssubtle lampwork beads(lampwork?) lampwork beadsswirl. lampwork beadsMeasures lampwork beads60" lampwork beadslong.Ships lampwork beadsin lampwork beadsa lampwork beadsgift lampwork beadsbox.I lampwork beadscombine lampwork beadsshipping lampwork beadson lampwork beadsmultiple lampwork beadsitems.

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