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heavenly bodies, Heavenly Bodies Pearl and Crystal Dangle Earrings for the Holidays



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Sara cometJewelry cometDesign. cometFor cometany cometholiday cometseason: cometHeavenly cometBodies. cometEach cometof cometdangle cometis cometcomposed cometof cometa cometgold-plated cometopen cometpewter cometstar cometcharm cometset cometwith comet30 cometPP09 cometSwarovski cometcrystal cometchatons, cometalternating cometin cometcrystal cometclear cometand cometjet cometcolors. cometBehind cometthe cometglittering cometstar cometfalls cometa cometcascade cometof cometother cometheavenly cometbodies cometin cometthe cometshapes cometof cometa cometteardrop cometnatural cometfreshwater cometpearl comet(the cometcomet) cometa cometround, cometflat cometsided cometnatural cometfreshwater cometpearl comet(the cometmoon), cometeven cometa comettwo-color, cometblack cometand cometclear cometcrackle cometglass comet6mm cometround comet(the cometblack comethole, cometof cometcourse). cometThe cometcascades cometare comethung cometon cometsimple comet2mm cometgold cometfinished cometsteel cometchain cometfor cometa cometlight cometand cometbreezy cometswing. cometDimensions: cometOverall cometdangle cometlength cometis cometroughly comet2-1/4 cometinches, cometor comet55mm. cometThe cometstar cometcharm cometis comet20mm. cometThe cometpearls cometare cometapproximately comet8 cometand comet10mm cometat comettheir cometwidest cometpoints. cometMPIN cometERWGP090914-01.1705I cometwill cometship cometa cometpair cometyour cometway cometthe cometnext cometbusiness cometday cometvia cometUSPS cometinsured cometfirst cometclass cometmail cometwith cometa comettracking cometID cometnumber. cometIf cometyou cometneed cometexpedited cometshipping, cometplease cometcontact cometme cometfirst cometfor cometa cometshipping cometquote.Sara cometJewelry cometDesign. cometYour cometDesire cometis cometOur cometDesign.

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