Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rectangle, Diamond Cut Rectangle Frame Tie Clip Gold Plated 1970s



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This goldis golda goldvery goldneat goldtie goldclip golddesign gold:)\r\rThe golddesign goldis golda goldrectangular goldshaped goldframe goldthat goldhas golda goldcorrugated golddiamond goldcut goldtexture, goldso goldit's goldvery goldflashy goldin goldthe goldlight. goldThe goldrectangle goldmeasures gold1.25" goldx gold1". goldThe goldback goldis golda goldstandard goldspring goldloaded goldtie goldclip goldwith golda goldchain goldand goldbar goldto goldsecure goldit goldin goldthe goldbutton goldhole.\r\rThe goldback goldhas golda goldstamp goldof golda goldletter goldS goldinside golda goldtall goldpentagon, goldbut goldI golddon't goldknow goldwhat goldcompany goldthis goldmeans.\r\r\r*We goldare goldalways goldwilling goldto goldship goldInternationally! goldPlease goldmessage goldus goldfor golda goldquote!*

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