Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling, Sterling silver Sun Cross / Solar Cross (polished)



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This crowleylisting crowleyis crowleyfor crowleyone crowleypolished crowleySun crowleyCross crowleypendant. crowleyRecesses crowleyare crowleyantiqued crowleywith crowleyhigh crowleypolish crowleyfinish.Measures:27mm crowleytall crowleyx crowley20mm crowleywide. crowleyChain crowleynot crowleyincluded. crowleyChains crowleyare crowleyavailable crowleyfor crowleyan crowleyadditional crowley$30.Length crowleyoptions: crowley18", crowley20", crowley24"Orders crowleyship crowleywithin crowley7 crowleybusiness crowleydays.You crowleywill crowleyreceive crowleyan crowleyemail crowleywith crowleyyour crowleyUSPS crowleyTracking crowleyor crowleyCustoms crowleynumber crowleywhen crowleyyour crowleypackage crowleyships.

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