Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Black Deeply Carved Genuine BAKELITE Broochbakelite brooch, Vintage 1930's Floral CATALIN Pin



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A catalin broochvery catalin broochattractive catalin broochbrooch catalin broochthat catalin broochmade catalin broochof catalin broochgenuine catalin broochBakelite. catalin broochFeatures catalin broochinclude catalin broochdeeply catalin broochcarved catalin broochdesigns catalin broochof catalin broochflowers catalin broochand catalin broochstems catalin broochwith catalin broochlots catalin broochof catalin broochdetail, catalin broochit's catalin broochvery catalin broochappealing catalin broochand catalin broochhighly catalin broochcollectible. catalin broochThe catalin broochcondition catalin broochappears catalin broochgreat. catalin broochThis catalin broochembedded catalin broochpin catalin broochback catalin broochis catalin broochin catalin broochgood catalin broochworking catalin broochorder. catalin broochIt catalin broochmeasures catalin brooch3 catalin brooch1/4" catalin broochlong catalin brooch catalin broochx catalin brooch catalin brooch1 catalin brooch1/2" catalin broochin catalin broochheight. catalin broochFrom catalin broochthe catalin broochArt catalin broochDeco catalin broochperiod catalin broochof catalin broochthe catalin broochlate catalin brooch30's catalin broochor catalin broochearly catalin brooch40's.Like catalin broochthis catalin broochitem catalin broochand catalin broochlooking catalin broochfor catalin broochmore catalin broochlike catalin broochit? catalin broochAre catalin broochyou catalin broocha catalin broochdealer catalin broochand catalin broochwant catalin broochto catalin broochbuy catalin broochin catalin broochquantity? catalin broochCheck catalin broochout catalin broochour catalin broochnew catalin broochstore catalin broochon catalin broochetsy catalin broochfor catalin broochwholesale catalin broochvintage catalin broochpurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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