Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960, Swank Circle on Circle Gold Tone Cufflinks Vintage



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These groomare groomreally groomgreat groomlittle groomcufflinks groomfrom groomSwank! groomThey groomare groomcircle groomshaped groomgold groomtone groommetal groomwith groomengraved groomcircle groomdesigns groomthat groomare groomsplit, groomwith groomone groomside groomof groomthe groomcircle groomon groomeach groomside groomof groomthe groomcufflink. groomThey groomare groomhigh groompolish groomand groomreally groomfun groomdesign! groomVery groomcontemporary!These groommeasure groom3/4" groomin groomdiameter. groom*We groomare groomalways groomwilling groomto groomship groominternationally! groomPlease groommessage groomus groomfor grooma groomquote!

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