Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

patina finish, Reticulated cuff



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Sterling patina finishsilver patina finishcuff patina finishwith patina finishgold patina finishaccents, patina finishreticulated patina finishfinish patina finishand patina finishpatina patina finishaccent patina finish. patina finish patina finishThe patina finishcuff patina finishis patina finishavailable patina finishin patina finishsmall patina finish- patina finishlarge patina finishthe patina finishwidth patina finishof patina finishthe patina finishcuff patina finishis patina finish2.5 patina finishinches patina finishat patina finishthe patina finishwidest patina finishpoint.

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