Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black, Inside Out Necklace and Earring Set



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This purplelightweight, purplehandmade purplemaple purpleand purplealuminum purplenecklace purpleis purplea purplepiece purplelike purpleno purpleother purpleand purpleis purplesure purpleto purpleturn purpleheads! purple purpleThis purpleset purplecomes purplein purplea purplevariety purpleof purplecolors purpleincluding purplethe purplepictured purpleteal, purplered, purpleand purplepurple purplein purplemaple, purpleas purplewell purpleas purpleblack purpleebony.Thank purpleyou purplefor purplestopping purpleby purpleour purpleshop, purpleand purpleplease purpledon't purplehesitate purpleto purplewrite purpleme purpleif purpleyou purplehave purpleany purplequestions purplein purpleregards purpleto purplemy purpleproducts! purpleJackson purpleA.

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