Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Red lace bib necklace with leather tiesred choker, hand crochet with red nylon threadred choker, with Czech beads and miricale beadsred choker, lace is 9" & 3 1/2" wide



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Artisan czech beadscrafted czech beadsin czech beadsUSAOne czech beadsof czech beadsa czech beadskind czech beadsRed czech beadslace czech beadsbib czech beadsnecklace czech beadswith czech beadsleather czech beadsties, czech beadshand czech beadscrochet czech beadswith czech beadsred czech beadsnylon czech beadsthread, czech beadswith czech beadsCzech czech beadsbeads czech beadsand czech beadsmiracle czech beadsbeads, czech beadslace czech beadsis czech beads9" czech beads& czech beads3 czech beads1/2" czech beadswide.

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