Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Flower Power!



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Fabulous flower pendantfor flower pendantspring flower pendantand flower pendantsummer! flower pendant flower pendantThis flower pendantsterling flower pendantsilver flower pendantpendant flower pendantis flower pendantavailable flower pendantwith flower pendanta flower pendant6mm flower pendantcenter flower pendantgemstone flower pendantof flower pendantamethyst,turquoise, flower pendantpink flower pendantmother flower pendantof flower pendantpearl, flower pendantgarnet, flower pendantmoonstone flower pendantor flower pendantblack flower pendantonyx. flower pendant flower pendantThey flower pendantmeasure flower pendantapproximatly flower pendant1 flower pendant1/8 flower pendantinch flower pendantand flower pendantcome flower pendantwith flower pendantyour flower pendantchoice flower pendantof flower pendant16 flower pendantor flower pendant18 flower pendantinch flower pendantsterling flower pendantchain. flower pendantPlease flower pendantspecify flower pendantgemstone flower pendantchoice flower pendantand flower pendantchain flower pendantlength flower pendantwhen flower pendantordering.

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