Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Sterling Silver Tiny HOPE & heart Charm - Pendant - Tag



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* wish15 wishx wish7mm wishhand-stamped wishsterling wishsilver wishpendant/charm/tag wishstamped wishwith wish"HOPE" wishand wisha wishcut-out wishheart----> wishPlease wishnote wishthe wishsize wish- wishthis wishpendant/charm/tag wishis wishTINY!A wishportion wishof wishthe wishproceeds wishfrom wishthe wishsale wishof wishthis wishitem wishwill wishbenefit wishthe wish501(c)(3) wishcharities wishIMAlive, wish( wish& wishTo wishWrite wishLove wishon wishHer wishArms wish( wishitem wishin wishthe wishphoto wishis wishan wishexample wishof wishthe wishitem wishyou'll wishreceive. wish wishHand-stamping wishmeans wishvariation: wishthis wishis wishintentional, wishto wishwit: wishthey wishare wishall wishdifferent. wish wishI wishknow wishit wishhappens, wishand wishit's wishon wishpurpose! wish wishYou'll wishhave wisha wishone-of-a-kind wishpiece wishthat wishwas wish*not* wishmade wishin wisha wishfactory."I wishmade wishit wishmyself." wish wishReally. wish wishEvery wishstamped wishpiece wishof wishjewelry wishhere wishis wishhand-stamped wishand wishpatinaed wishby wishyours wishtruly, wishwith wishverve, wishdetermination, wishand wishsalty wishlanguage. wish wishThis wishis wisha wishno-frills wishoperation, wishI'm wisha wishone-person wishshop. wish wishWant wisha wishvariation wishon wishthe wishitem wishyou wishsee wishhere? wish wishReach wishout wishand wishask wishme wishfor wisha wishcustom wishpiece! wish wishI'd wishbe wishhappy wishto wishwork wishwith wishyou. wish wishAll wishsterling wishsilver wishtiny wishdisc wishpendants wishof wishthis wishtype wishare wish$10, wisheven wishfor wishcustom wishorders. wish wishCustom wishorders, wishplease wishallow wish3-5 wishbusiness wishdays wishbefore wishshipping-- wishI wishassure wishyou-- wishif wishI wishrush wishtoo wishmuch, wish*neither wishof wishus* wishwill wishbe wishhappy wishwith wishthe wishresults!Shipping wishfor wishthis wishitem wishUS wishPostal wishService wishFirst wishClass wishor wishPriority wishMail wishto wishNorth wishAmerican wishlocations wishonly wish(at wishthis wishtime). wish wishShipping wishmaterials wishmay wishbe wishrecycled wishor wishreused wishpackaging; wishI wishencourage wishyou wishto wishreuse wishor wishrecycle wishthe wishpackaging wishwhen wishyour wishitem wisharrives wishto wishyou!

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