Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lune, Resin art cuff bangle bracelet - Vintage MOON man face on black



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For lunethose lunewho lunelove lunestunning lunejewelry! luneFeatures lunethe lunevery lunegorgeous lunevintage luneimage luneof lunethe lunemoon luneman luneface luneon lunea luneblack lunebackground. luneThese lunebracelets luneare lunereal luneconversation lunepieces! luneGlassy luneresin, lunedurable luneand lunewaterproof. luneRounded lunecuff lunestyle lunewith luneopen lunesection luneattached luneby luneadjustable lunehook luneclosure. luneLength luneis luneapprox. lune6.5" lunearound lunenot lunecounting luneopen lunesection...Measures luneabout lune1 lune1/4" lunewide. lune luneI lunecan lunealso lunecreate lunethe lunematching lunependants, lunenecklace, luneearrings luneand lunecharms!Makes lunea lunegreat lunegift lunefor luneall! luneI lunecan lunemake luneas lunemany luneas luneyou lunewould lunelike! luneTONS luneof luneother lunedesigns luneavailable, luneI lunecan luneeven lunemake lunethese lunewith luneYOUR lunephoto! lune luneNeed lunethe lunedimensions lunecustomized, lunejust lunelet luneme luneknow!The lunelast lunephotos luneshows lunesome luneof lunethe luneother lunedesigns luneavailable.

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