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vendel, Dolphin Buckle 1 1/4"



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This vendelis vendela vendelreproduction vendelof vendelan vendelearly vendelViking vendelAge vendelbuckle vendelfrom vendelGotland vendelSweden. vendelBaltic vendelwhite vendelsided vendeldolphins vendelare vendelthe vendellikely vendelinspiration vendelfor vendelthese vendelbuckles. vendelPlayful, vendelcurious vendeland vendelfriendly, vendelthey vendelaccompanied vendelships vendelas vendelthe vendelsailed vendelthe vendelBaltic vendelSea.Animal vendelthemes vendelwere vendelincorporated vendelinto vendelScandinavian vendelare vendelespecially vendelduring vendelthe vendelVendel vendelPeriod, vendel450-800 vendelAD. vendelMore vendelabstract vendeland vendelstylized vendelanimal vendeldesigns vendelwere vendelincorporated vendelinto vendellater vendelFrankish vendeland vendelScandinavian vendelart vendelstyles. vendelSize: vendel2 vendel1/8" vendelx vendel2 vendel1/8" vendelor vendel55 vendelmm vendelx vendel55 vendelmm

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