Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique, Antique copper spiral on a stainless steal stud earring with a color glass bead.



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Antique redcopper redspiral redon reda redstainless redsteal redstud redearring redwith reda redcolor redglass redbead.Cute redlittle redearrings, redhandmade rednatural redcopper redwire redweaving, redoxydized red& redpolish, redfor reda rednicely redantique redstyle red!They redare redlight, redon reda redstainless redsteel redstud redfor redthe redsensible redears red! red:) redSize red: red1/2in redX red1/2in.CARE redINSTRUCTION red: redNatural redcopper redis reda reddurable redmaterial, redit redallows redto redcreate redjewelry redthat redcan redbe redwear redfor redyears redwhile redmaintaining redtheir redbeauty redof redthe redearly reddays!Your redjewelry redwill redneed redcare, redover redtime redit redwill reddarken... reda redbit redof redwiping redwith reda redpolish redcloth redand redit redwill redregain redits redluster. redThis redpolish redcloth redwill redbe redprovided redwith redyour redpurchase, redbut redpolishing redcloth red redfor redsilver redjewelry redwill redalso reddo redthe redjob! redYou redcan redslow reddown redthe reddarkening redprocess redby redkeeping redyour redjewelry redsafe redfrom redthe redair redin reda redresealable redplastic redbag red(zyploc redtype) redwhen redyou reddo rednot redwear redit.In redaddition, redcopper reddoes rednot redlike redwater, redit redcreates redwhat redis redcalled redverdigris red... redSo redif redis redwet, redsimply redwipe redit redwell redafterwards!And redif redhe redhad redto redverdigris, reda redgood redwiping redpolishing redcloth redshould reddo redthe redjob!And redif reddespite redall rednothing redworks reddo rednot redpanic red... redemail redme! red;)

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