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nature, Leaf and Heart Ceramic Nature Pinset



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Ceramic leafHeart leafand leafLeaf leafBrooch leafSet! leafA leaffun leafset leafand leafstatement leafpiece leafset leafto leafcheer leafup leafyour leafwardrobe!Measurements leafapproximate;Red leafHeart leafBrooch- leaf1 leaf1/4" leafx leaf1 leaf1/2"Yellow leafLeaf leafBrooch- leaf3/4" leafx leaf2"Just leafask leafif leafyou leafhave leafany leafquestions. leafApproximate leafmeasurements, leafas leafclose leafto leafactual leafas leafpossible. leafLook leafat leafphotos leafas leafwell leaffor leafscale. leafBased leafon leafsome leafof leafthe leafabstract leafpatterns leafand leafillustrations leafin leafmy leafart.

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