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natural zircon, 7.15Ct natural blue Zircon



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Shape: natural zirconCushion natural zirconWeight: natural zircon7.15Ct. natural zirconMeasurements: natural zircon11.8x8.4x6.7Clarity: natural zirconVSTreatment: natural zirconNone, natural zircon100% natural zirconNatural natural zirconI natural zirconhave natural zirconmounting natural zirconavailable natural zirconfor natural zirconthis natural zirconstone, natural zirconincluding natural zirconRings natural zirconand natural zirconPendants, natural zirconplease natural zirconcontact natural zirconme natural zirconfor natural zirconmore natural zircondetail.Sincerely!Master natural zirconJeweler

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