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rose gold, 14k White Sapphire 1ct Engagement Ring



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14k accentswhite accentsgold accentsengagement accentsring. accentsNice accentssturdy accentssetting.1ct accentscenter accentsis accentsa accentsgenuine accentsWhite accentsSapphire accentsfrom accentsSriLanka accents(Ceylon)Color accentsDClarity accentsVVS/IFThere accentsare accents4 accentsaccent accentswhite accentssapphires accentsmeasuring accents3mm accentseach. accentsThis accentsring accentsalso accentscan accentsbe accentsmade accentsin accentseither accents14k accentsyellow accentsor accentsrose accentsgold.Ring accentscan accentsbe accentsmade accentsin accents18k accentsor accentssterling accentssilver accentsat accentsthe accentsmarket accentsprice.A accentsdiamond accentscan accentsbe accentsadded accentsto accentsthis accentsring accentsfor accents$3500.00 accentsto accents$4500.00Layaway accentsavailable.

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