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TORTOLANI Floral Brooch and Earrings Setsilver earrings set, Vintagre Tortolani Poppy Earrings Setsilver earrings set, Silver Poppy Brooch Setsilver earrings set, Tortolani Earrings Setsilver earrings set, Poppies



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This tortolani broochis tortolani broochan tortolani broochelegant tortolani broochand tortolani broochrarely tortolani broochseen tortolani broochvintage tortolani brooch1950's tortolani broochTortolani tortolani broochsilver tortolani broochfloral tortolani broochpoppy tortolani broochbrooch tortolani broochand tortolani broochearrings tortolani broochset.Done tortolani broochin tortolani broochsilver tortolani broochover tortolani broochpewter tortolani broochfinish tortolani broochwith tortolani broochoxidation tortolani broochfor tortolani broochjust tortolani broochthe tortolani broochperfect tortolani broochaccents, tortolani broochthis tortolani broochset tortolani broochfeatures tortolani broocha tortolani broochsingle tortolani broochhighly tortolani broochdetailed tortolani broochand tortolani broochdimensional tortolani broochpoppy tortolani broochflower tortolani broochbrooch tortolani broochwith tortolani broochmatching tortolani broochclip tortolani broochearrings.Tortolani tortolani broochopened tortolani broochhis tortolani broochdesign tortolani broochstudio tortolani broochin tortolani broochthe tortolani broochlate tortolani brooch1940’s tortolani broochin tortolani broochLos tortolani broochAngeles, tortolani broochCalifornia. tortolani broochHe tortolani broochrapidly tortolani broochbecame tortolani broochrecognized tortolani broochand tortolani broochsought tortolani broochafter tortolani broochfor tortolani broochhis tortolani broochbeautiful tortolani broochbold tortolani broochjewelry tortolani broochdone tortolani broochin tortolani broochsilver, tortolani broochgold, tortolani broochor tortolani broochcopper tortolani broochover tortolani broochpewter.~ tortolani broochMEASUREMENT: tortolani broochBrooch tortolani brooch- tortolani brooch2" tortolani broochacross tortolani brooch/ tortolani broochEarrings tortolani brooch1-1/4" tortolani broochacross~ tortolani broochCONDITION: tortolani broochExcellent~ tortolani broochSIGNED: tortolani brooch"(c)Tortolani"ITEM tortolani brooch#T55AL514*** tortolani broochBe tortolani broochsure tortolani broochto tortolani broochview tortolani broochmore tortolani broochjewelry tortolani broochitems tortolani broochat: tortolani broochwww./shop/aplaceofdistinction*** tortolani broochDon’t tortolani broochmiss tortolani broochmy tortolani broochhome tortolani broochdécor tortolani broochshop tortolani broochat: tortolani broochwww./shop/chanteclairinteriors*** tortolani broochView tortolani broochmy tortolani broochvintage tortolani broochlinen tortolani broochand tortolani broochlace tortolani broochitems tortolani broochat: tortolani broochwww./shop/thelaceemporium

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