Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Freshwater lavender round pearl 18” necklace925 sterling silver, hand-knotted AAA 6.5-7mm cultured round pearls925 sterling silver, .925 sterling silver pearl filigree clasp



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A sterling claspbeautiful sterling clasp18" sterling claspfreshwater sterling clasplavender sterling claspround sterling clasppearl sterling claspnecklace sterling claspfinished sterling claspwith sterling claspFrench sterling claspwire sterling claspand sterling claspa sterling clasp.925 sterling claspsterling sterling claspsilver sterling claspfiligree sterling clasppearl sterling claspclasp. sterling claspThese sterling claspcultured sterling claspfreshwater sterling clasppearls sterling clasphave sterling claspthe sterling clasphighest sterling claspgrade sterling claspof sterling claspAAA sterling claspand sterling claspare sterling claspbetween sterling clasp6.5-7mm sterling claspin sterling claspsize. sterling claspThis sterling clasppearl sterling claspnecklace sterling claspis sterling clasphand-knotted sterling claspusing sterling clasp100% sterling claspwhite sterling claspsilk sterling claspthread.Pearls sterling claspare sterling clasp'timeless' sterling claspand sterling claspcan sterling claspbe sterling claspworn sterling claspdaily sterling claspor sterling claspon sterling claspany sterling claspspecial sterling claspoccasion. sterling claspWe sterling clasphave sterling claspput sterling clasptogether sterling claspa sterling claspfew sterling claspfacts sterling claspabout sterling clasppearls sterling claspin sterling claspour sterling claspFAQ's sterling claspsection sterling claspto sterling clasphelp sterling claspyou sterling claspwith sterling claspyour sterling clasppearl sterling claspselections.Deborah sterling claspAnn sterling claspMac sterling claspManes, sterling claspartist/designer sterling clasp<>

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