Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

thanksgiving, Vintage Golden Pine cone Necklace Charm



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This goldenpine goldencone goldenis goldennot goldenmade goldenof goldenreal goldengold, goldenbut goldenit goldenis goldena goldengreat goldengolden goldencolor! golden goldenIt goldenis goldenin goldengreat goldencondition goldenand goldencan goldeneasily goldenbe goldenadded goldento goldenany goldennecklace goldenor goldenother goldendesired goldenjewelry. golden goldenIt goldenmeasures goldenabout golden1 goldeninch.Measurements goldenare goldenapproximated.Thank goldenyou goldenfor goldenvisiting goldenmy goldenshop. goldenBrowse goldenmy goldenlistings goldenand goldenfind goldena goldenwide goldenrange goldenof goldenvintage goldenitems.

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