Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amulet, Coral | Matte Onyx | Sterling Silver | One of a Kind | 18"



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Large boho jewelryand boho jewelrychunky boho jewelryand boho jewelryso boho jewelrymuch boho jewelryfun!This boho jewelrynecklace boho jewelrywill boho jewelryget boho jewelryyou boho jewelrynoticed, boho jewelryI boho jewelrypromise! boho jewelryLarge boho jewelryorange boho jewelrycoral boho jewelryand boho jewelrymatte boho jewelryonyx boho jewelrygive boho jewelrythis boho jewelrya boho jewelryslight boho jewelryvintage boho jewelryfeel boho jewelrybut boho jewelryis boho jewelryvery boho jewelryforward.If boho jewelryyou boho jewelrylike boho jewelrymaking boho jewelrya boho jewelrystatement, boho jewelrythis boho jewelrypiece boho jewelryis boho jewelryfor boho jewelryyou!18"Coral: boho jewelryWorn boho jewelrysince boho jewelryprehistoric boho jewelrytimes, boho jewelryit boho jewelryis boho jewelryone boho jewelryof boho jewelrythe boho jewelryseven boho jewelrytreasures boho jewelryin boho jewelryBuddhist boho jewelryscriptures. boho jewelryIt boho jewelryhas boho jewelryalong boho jewelrybeen boho jewelrybelieved boho jewelryto boho jewelrypowerful boho jewelryenough boho jewelryto boho jewelrystop boho jewelrybleeding, boho jewelryward boho jewelryoff boho jewelryhurricanes, boho jewelryand boho jewelryprotect boho jewelrythe boho jewelrywearer boho jewelryfrom boho jewelryevil boho jewelryspirits.Onyx: boho jewelryHelps boho jewelrywith boho jewelrydetermination boho jewelryand boho jewelryself-confidence.

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