Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

card player, Vintage Vegas Chips Earrings



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Earrings text letterscomprised text lettersof text lettersvintage text letterscopper text lettersand text lettersenamel text lettersround text lettersVegas text letterschip text letterscharms text lettershang text lettersfrom text lettersgold text lettersplated text lettershooks text lettersfor text letterssensitive text lettersears. text lettersWhat text lettershappens text lettersin text lettersVegas text lettersstay text lettersin text lettersVegas!Dimensions: text lettersearrings text lettershang text lettersjust text lettersunder text lettersan text lettersinch text lettersfrom text lettershooks.Earrings text lettersare text letterslight text lettersweight, text lettersnatural text letterscolors, text lettersmake text lettersthe text lettersperfect text lettersgift text lettersfor text lettersmany text lettersoccasions text letterslike text lettersbirthdays, text lettersbachelorette text lettersparties, text letterspoker text lettersnight, text lettersand text lettersmore. text lettersSPECIAL text lettersNOTES:--------------------------* text lettersNeed text lettersmore text lettersthan text lettersone? text lettersContact text lettersme text lettersif text lettersyou text lettersare text lettersinterested text lettersin text lettersmultiples text lettersof text lettersthis text lettersor text lettersany text lettersitem text letterslisted text lettersin text lettersthe text lettersshop.* text lettersThanks text lettersso text lettersmuch text lettersfor text letterstaking text lettersa text letterspeek text lettersand text lettersplease text lettershave text lettersa text letterslook text lettersaround text lettersthe text lettersrest text lettersof text lettersthe text lettersshop: text letterscontrary..

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