Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage biomorphic broochcostume jewelry, 3d modernist shapecostume jewelry, gold tone with light blue cabscostume jewelry, Lee Accents



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This vintage broochesbrooch vintage broochesis vintage broochesso vintage broochescool. vintage brooches3d vintage broochesbiomorphic vintage broochesshape vintage broochesin vintage broochesgold vintage broochestone vintage broochesmetal vintage broocheswith vintage broocheslight vintage broochesblue vintage brooches(plastic, vintage broochesI vintage broochesbelieve) vintage broochescabs. vintage broochesExcellent vintage broochescondition, vintage broochesno vintage broochesflaws. vintage broochesStill vintage broocheshas vintage broochesa vintage broocheshang vintage broochestag vintage broochesby vintage broochesLee vintage broochesAccents. vintage broochesMeasures vintage brooches1.75" vintage broocheswide vintage broochesx vintage brooches1.5" vintage broochestall vintage broochesand vintage broochesthe vintage broochescenter vintage broochesraises vintage broochesup vintage brooches1". vintage broochesShips vintage broochesin vintage broochesa vintage broochesgift vintage broochesbox.I vintage broochescombine vintage broochesshipping vintage broocheson vintage broochesmultiple vintage

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