Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Red Coralred coral, Bandedred coral, faceted Agatered coral, Turquoise drop Necklace-5 ouncesred coral, 2 grms- 18" long- 2235



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Georgeous, necklaceGeorgeous!! necklacebanded, necklacefaceted necklaceagate necklaceabout necklace1-1/4X3/4"--turquoise necklacedrop necklace30X40 necklacemm necklace( necklaceI necklacehave necklaceexamined necklacethis necklacepiece necklacewith necklacea necklaceloupe. necklacesmall necklacewhite necklacechip necklacetumbled necklacesapphires necklaceseperate necklacethe necklacestones. necklaceThese necklacestones necklaceare necklaceout necklaceof necklacethis necklaceworld. necklace necklaceJust necklacea necklacegeorgeous necklacenecklace- necklacetextured necklacecomposite necklacemetal necklacetoggle necklaceand necklacering necklaceclosure.

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