Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

holder, Vintage Lieba U.S.A. Gold Tone Metal Scarf Holder 18 - 502



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Vintage giftLieba giftU.S.A. giftGold giftTone giftMetal giftScarf giftHolder. giftGood giftcondition. giftMeasures giftapp. gift gift2 gift1/2" giftdiameter. giftMarked gift" giftLieba giftU.S.A." giftPLEASE giftEMAIL giftME giftANY giftQUESTIONS.ALL giftMY giftJEWELRY giftAND giftOTHER giftITEMS giftLOOK giftBETTER giftIN giftPERSON giftTHAN giftMY giftPHOTOGRAPHS giftSHOW giftTHEM.IF giftYOU giftTHINK giftTHE giftSHIPPING giftPRICE giftIS giftTO giftHIGH giftPLEASE giftCONTACT giftME giftWITH giftYOUR giftZIPCODE giftOR giftTHE giftNAME giftOF giftYOUR giftCOUNTRY giftFOR giftAN giftEXACT giftQUOTE. giftIF giftYOU giftWANT giftTO giftPURCHASE giftYOUR giftITEM giftRIGHT giftAWAY giftI giftCAN giftALWAYS giftREIMBURSE giftANY giftOVER giftCHARGED giftSHIPPING giftBACK giftTO giftYOUR giftPAYPAL giftACCOUNT giftAFTER giftI giftMAIL giftYOUR giftPACKAGE

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