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beaded anklet, Aqua Blue Cultured Pearl Crystal Beach Wedding Anklet- 9.25" Long



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Condition: beaded ankletNew*Made beaded ankletin beaded ankletUSA beaded ankletby beaded ankletthe beaded ankletseller*Length: beaded anklet9.25" beaded anklet(Jump beaded ankletrings beaded ankletcan beaded ankletbe beaded ankletadded beaded ankletby beaded ankletrequest beaded ankletif beaded ankletyou beaded ankletneed beaded ankleti beaded anklett beaded ankletto beaded ankletbe beaded ankletlonger.*Handmade beaded ankletwith beaded ankletwhite beaded ankletglass beaded ankletpearls beaded ankletand beaded ankletwhite beaded ankletcultured beaded ankletrice beaded ankletpearl beaded ankletbeads, beaded ankletas beaded ankletwell beaded ankletas beaded ankletaqua beaded ankletblue beaded ankletfaceted beaded ankletglass beaded ankletbeads, beaded ankletclear beaded ankletcrystal beaded ankletfaceted beaded ankletbeads, beaded ankletand beaded ankleta beaded ankletfew beaded ankletsilver beaded ankletplated beaded ankletdaisy beaded ankletspacers.The beaded ankletcenter beaded ankletbead beaded ankletis beaded ankleta beaded ankletlovely beaded ankletaqua beaded ankletglass beaded ankletbead beaded ankletwith beaded ankleta beaded ankletglittery beaded ankletpattern beaded ankletcircling beaded ankletaround beaded ankletit.*Closure: beaded ankletSilver beaded ankletplated beaded ankletlobster beaded ankletclasp*Can beaded ankletbe beaded ankletworn beaded ankletfor beaded ankletweddings, beaded ankletparties, beaded ankletsitting beaded ankletby beaded ankletthe beaded ankletpool, beaded ankletat beaded ankletthe beaded ankletbeach, beaded ankletor beaded ankletfun beaded ankletevent beaded ankletoutside.Fast beaded ankletshipping beaded ankletwithin beaded anklet24hrs beaded ankletwith beaded anklettracking beaded ankletto beaded ankletworldwide beaded ankletdestinations.

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