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geology, Turquoise Trail Cuff Bracelet



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"Turquoise turquoise trailTrail" turquoise trailCuff turquoise trailBracelet turquoise trailis turquoise trailhandcrafted turquoise trailfrom turquoise traila turquoise trailpalette turquoise trailof turquoise traildozens turquoise trailof turquoise trailcolors turquoise trailof turquoise trailpolymer turquoise trailclay, turquoise trailblended turquoise trailand turquoise traillayered turquoise trailfor turquoise traildimensionality turquoise trailand turquoise trailcontrast. turquoise trailThe turquoise traildisc turquoise trailis turquoise trailaffixed turquoise trailto turquoise traila turquoise trailsilver turquoise trailcolor turquoise trailmetal turquoise trailcuff turquoise trailbracelet. turquoise trailEach turquoise trailpiece turquoise trailis turquoise trailgiven turquoise traila turquoise traildistinctive turquoise trailname. turquoise trailThis turquoise trailone turquoise trailrepresents turquoise trailmy turquoise trailinterpretations turquoise trailof turquoise trailthe turquoise trailgeography turquoise trailand turquoise trailgeology turquoise trailof turquoise trailthe turquoise trailAmerican turquoise trailSouthwest. turquoise trailDimensions: turquoise trail1.5" turquoise trailby turquoise trail2" turquoise trailoval turquoise trailpolymer turquoise trailclay turquoise traildisc turquoise trailon turquoise trail3/4 turquoise trail" turquoise trailwide turquoise trailmetal turquoise trailcuff turquoise trailband turquoise trail(2.5" turquoise trailinside turquoise trailwidth)(silver turquoise trailcolor)

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