Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

simple silver, fresh water pearl petal earrings sterling silver



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White elegant earringfresh elegant earringwater elegant earringpearls elegant earringare elegant earringshowcased elegant earringin elegant earringthese elegant earringlight elegant earringweight elegant earringpetal elegant earringearrings. elegant earringHandcrafted elegant earringusing elegant earringsterling elegant earringsilver. elegant earringMeasures elegant earring1 elegant earringinch elegant earringfrom elegant earringthe elegant earringbase elegant earringof elegant earringthe elegant earringfrench elegant earringhook elegant earringin elegant earringlength elegant earringand elegant earringjust elegant earringunder elegant earring1/2 elegant earringinch elegant earringin elegant earringwidth. elegant earringSimple elegant earringelegance.

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