Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

monogrammed, Custom initial soldered mini charm bracelet with crystal accents on silver link chain personalized with your photo or text



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This giftadorably giftdainty giftbracelet giftis giftabsolutely giftFABULOUS! gift7" giftsilver giftplated giftlink giftchain gift(sterling giftsilver giftavailable giftfor gift$15 giftmore) giftwith giftlobster giftclaw giftclasp, giftand gift2 giftglass giftand giftswarovski giftcrystal giftdangles gift(antique giftand giftnew giftmixture), giftand gift1/2" giftsquare giftcustom giftdual giftsided giftsoldered giftcharm. giftOne giftside giftof giftthe giftcharm giftwill giftfeature giftyour giftchosen giftinitial, giftany giftcolor, giftany giftfont...script, giftfunky, giftfun, giftwhatever! giftThe giftother giftside giftcan giftfeature giftanything giftyou giftlike...a giftphoto, gifta giftname, gifta giftsmall giftsentiment, gifta gifta giftpretty giftprint giftor giftsymbol, giftwhatever. giftNeed gifthelp giftfinding giftthe giftimage giftlet giftme giftknow! giftPhotos giftcan giftbe giftattached giftto giftan giftetsy giftconvo giftor giftemailed giftto giftme giftat [email protected] giftYou giftcan giftadd giftany giftnumber giftof giftextra giftcharms giftfor gift$6 gifteach, gifttoo!These giftmake giftgreat giftgifts giftfor giftall giftoccasions! giftLet giftme giftknow giftif giftyou giftwant gifta giftparticular giftcolor giftbead, giftotherwise giftit giftwill giftbe giftclear.

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