Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rusty, Rectangle vintage tin necklace



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This vintage necklacenecklace vintage necklacehas vintage necklacea vintage necklacebeautiful vintage necklacelong vintage necklacerectangular vintage necklacependant vintage necklacemade vintage necklacewith vintage necklacevintage vintage necklacetin. vintage necklaceTin vintage necklacehas vintage necklacea vintage necklaceprotective vintage necklacecoating vintage necklaceof vintage necklaceresin. vintage necklaceNecklace vintage necklacemeasures vintage necklace32 vintage necklaceinches, vintage necklacehas vintage necklacea vintage necklacechain vintage necklaceof vintage necklacebrass, vintage necklaceno vintage necklaceclasp, vintage necklaceand vintage necklacebeautiful vintage necklacetiny vintage necklacebeads. vintage necklaceConvo vintage necklaceif vintage necklaceyou vintage necklacehave vintage necklaceany vintage necklacequestions!

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