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polymer clay, Crystallized Galaxy Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Crystallized nebulaGalaxy nebulaCombination nebulaPin/Pendant" nebulais nebulafitted nebulawith nebulaa nebulalocking nebulabar nebulapin, nebulaplus nebulaa nebulabail nebulafor nebulause nebulawith nebulayour nebulafavorite nebulachain nebulaor nebulacord, nebulato nebuladouble nebulayour nebulapleasure! nebula(third nebulaphoto nebulashows nebulatypical nebulainstallation nebulaof nebulalocking nebulabar nebulapin nebulaand nebulabail nebulaat nebulaback nebulaof nebulapin) nebulaCrafted nebulafrom nebulaa nebulapalette nebulaof nebuladozens nebulaof nebulacolors nebulaof nebulapolymer nebulaclay, nebulablended nebulaand nebulalayered nebulafor nebuladimensionality nebulaand nebulacontrastEach nebulapiece nebulais nebulagiven nebulaa nebuladistinctive nebulaname, nebulaand nebulathis nebulaone nebulais nebulapart nebulaof nebulamy nebulaseries nebulaentitled nebula"Deep nebulaSky nebulaObjects", nebulawhich nebulareflect nebulamy nebulainterpretation nebulaof nebulaastronomical nebulaobjects nebulabeyond nebulaour nebulasolar nebulasystem. nebulaDimensions: nebula2" nebulax nebula1.5" nebulaoval nebulapolymer nebulaclay nebuladisk

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